The poorest Country in the Western Hemisphere is Nicaragua, not Haiti

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Topic: The poorest Country in the Western Hemisphere is Nicaragua, not Haiti

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Thanks god is about time something good have happen for our country. thats wonderful im glad. read more >
Briyene At, 19-May-09 8:14 am
former President Bill Clinton has been nominated special envoy to Haiti. You know what that means, Haiti is on the brink of coming out of its... read more >
Negbelair, 19-May-09 9:38 am
Now you know people are not going to ride Nicaragua the way they been riding Haiti about being the poorest country in the western hemisphere. For a... read more >
Fanm Vanyan, 19-May-09 10:01 am
It's a good point to see that we can go forward but we can't be satisfied because we're still on the bottom line. Haiti's a piece of land where... read more >
Francklin, 19-May-09 4:24 pm
I am very happy about this news,I think our leader gonna work harder to leap forward. We have to be back the pearl of the indies read more >
Rodler, 19-May-09 4:28 pm
i m very glad reading that! si se vre, m kontan anpil! estoy muy feliz de leer esto, pero, tenemos mucho que hacer para mejorar nestra imagen al... read more >
Bell, 20-May-09 5:55 am
Now, That's what talking about. Alright Haiti, Do your thing!!! Ayiti cheri'm nan prale devan e'l pa'p retounen. HOPEFULLY NOT!!! read more >
Sandra, 20-May-09 10:40 am
thank you so much for sharing this valuable information. I truly appreciate it. read more >
Mireille, 20-May-09 6:15 pm
helloooooooo sister how are you doing,i'm feel greatttttttttttttttttttttto read that because we from the big country,but every country have some... read more >
Ti Chouchou, 27-May-09 10:12 am
I omitted to mention the most important thing in regards to an interest to support Haiti By writing to the White must absolutel must... read more >
Maggy, 1-Jun-09 1:18 am
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