RE: the removal of a democratically elected president

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Over the years I have observed your organization take principled position on the correct side of the issue.

You have raised issues that were of great importance to the Haitian people.

For that I commend you. At this juncture in our history I believe that those that are asking for the removal of a democratically elected president are misguided.

History will prove me correct in my commentary.

In all societies I believe there must be a basis for all discussions.

For me the constitution is that basis.

No matter how poorly it was written, it should be the basis of all principled position.

Having said that, there is no provision in that constitution to remove a sitting president.

If there is a need for that, we must first amend the constitution in order to present that kind of removal as a solution to a problem of poor leadership.

Anything short of that is unconstitutional and illegal.

So gentleman, I pray you reconsider your position and give Haiti's frail democracy a chance to succeed.

The Haitian people deserve at least that much. Thank you for your consideration and let the constitution be your guide.

James St Furcy/CEO
Kitoko Insurance Agency
1396 Flatbush Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11210
Phone (718) 421-8294
Fax: (718) 859-5903

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