investment for the development of haiti

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Dear Sir
I will love to come and invest in your beautiful country of haiti, what you needs infrastructural developmental to be self sufficent for the people of haiti, you need investors to open avenue s to create employment, I have a few project proposals that can help boost the haitian economy, only one things is failing me is financing for these projects.

may be?

if some serious minded person who is willing to assist in making these projects to become a reality for the hatian people, then he or she is free to contact me.

Project proposed as follows.>> Rasco investment has contribute in help building the Guyana's economy.

toliet tissue plant, water purification plant, aquaculture farming, rice cultavation

low income housing projects.

my name is Mohamed Inshan c/o Rasco trading

tel-1718-846-2575 cell 347-624-8176

e mail inshan44 at

Mohamed Inshan, March 26 2009, 3:52 PM

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