" Hey! Ou Bay Yon Bel Parabol "PEP LA " Cool I like that

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" Hey !
Ou Bay Yon Bel Parabol


Cool I like that

Marie, March 25 2009, 8:09 AM

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Topic: I don't want to say Haitian 'Community' Anymore!

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Woodring man ou bon net se sa li ye min "Pep la" read more >
Wesna, 24-Mar-09 8:13 am
Excellent point! I'm going to correct myself from now on. Thank you. read more >
Evelyn, 24-Mar-09 8:59 am
"Ti" ou pas nous sommes fiere d'etre enfant d'haiti, for those who exclude themselves from PeP la,when they need their business to expand they look... read more >
Frederic Theogene, 24-Mar-09 9:06 am
Well say Woodring, Nul ne peut te rabaisser que toi-m read more >
Taty, 24-Mar-09 11:40 am
It's funny you said that... There are a lot of Americans in Haiti and you never hear about the AMERICAN COMMUNITY in Haiti It's always "The American... read more >
Haitian Citizen, 24-Mar-09 1:13 pm
Interesting observation!!!! Words do have meanings. "So you think and so you are" I am sure someone said that before me, if not I will take credit... read more >
Sstfurcy, 24-Mar-09 3:17 pm
mwen felisite w paske ou pote yon limye sou inyorans anpil nan nou ayisyen ap fe san rann kont. read more >
Worly, 24-Mar-09 4:54 pm
Woody listen! offcourse we do have "Haitien Communitie" they are the base of where we go when we do not know anyone in the town of that city. But... read more >
Colette Jacques, 24-Mar-09 6:32 pm
you are right about a community definition but allow me to continue a community is a group of people live in a different country speak the same... read more >
Daniel Volmy, 24-Mar-09 11:01 pm
" Hey! Ou Bay Yon Bel Parabol "PEP LA " Cool I like that read more >
Marie, 25-Mar-09 8:09 am
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