have you ever seen the devil?

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It is confusing, isnt it?

Here are a few good clues.

It is not a person, of couse.

It is a spirit of course.

it represents greed and everything bad of couse.

These are very easy but don't you think you look too hard?

God said you will not worship any image nor stones.

"You will worship me in spirit and truth" Many will be called but few chosen, why?

Here is why.
1) Why would you need a picture of a man to represent Jesus or God?

2) Why do you need a stone or a piece of wood (cross)to remind you of Jesus?

3) Why do you hate or prejudice against those who are not the same religion as you if you are worshiping God in spirit?

If you really open your eyes and look, you will see that the devil is in your car, your walls, your church, your neckchain etc. That is why the devil sais "Well it is OK, it is just a reminder of Jesus"
The devil makes you forget about yourself and focus on him as the supreme and at the same time he removes you eyes from God.
Why do you think he keeps these crosses in front of churches, on tombs, in houses and neckchain etc.
Why do you think he keeps his pictures in your home, your neckchain, your car and tombs etc, it is just a reminder.

Worshiping God is easy but "Just a reminder" makes it hard, makes you hate your brother/sisterfor all reasons.

Most of all "What religion are you...?" just a reminder.

If you throw these pictures and those stupid crosses away, you will start feeling God's presence and it feels so good. you will see that Your bias again you brother because of his religion is unholly.

To finish.

Why do you think Haitians had to present these same pictures to their brothers to worship during slavery?

Because it was safer to worship the devil than God in sprit.

Voodoo is not evil but worshiping the devil to help you against his own hatred makes it so evil, you become so ashame of it and yourself.

"Just a reminder" will keep your eyes from the great God of all.
The one with no face(s) who live(s) in all.
Be careful, the devil is smart.

As you start to regain conscience after hundreds of years slavery, he will start project you as well as God and Jesus.

But I no you will reject him right away.

Garry Destin, March 6 2009, 10:23 AM

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