He was Haitian, The only black man on the Titanic

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Topic: He was Haitian, The only black man on the Titanic

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Funny! How they constantly try to hide the heroics, and development of the Haitian nation in history. The thruth will never remain silent. There's... read more >
Cameau, 24-Jan-11 6:30 pm
How interesting!! Was the photo of his family? Was there any backlash because his family were white?? read more >
Martee, 14-Feb-11 6:52 am
the truth will always set u free.we are very powerfull&intelligent people Also bless being billingual!yeah noto mention the very [1rt] black nation... read more >
Margaret, 27-Apr-11 11:21 am
I am the Great Great Grand daughter of Joseph Phillippe Lemercier LaRoche. I have doing this research for some time & found out that my father never... read more >
Marlie Alberts, 11-Oct-11 9:25 pm
I don't think this family was intentionally left out of Black History books, scholars just didn't know. Now someone from the Titanic Assoc. probably... read more >
Carli, 14-Jan-12 9:47 pm
i think i've just run into a relative of yours in west palm beach,fl.this story would make a great movie/real. read more >
Marilyn, 19-Aug-12 2:27 pm
Emily,I am thrilled for you and Clay!!!!! What a fun uptade to receive from my LinkedIn email! I didn't expect to find out about this on there but I... read more >
Kartini, 16-Sep-12 9:46 pm
Most definitely a movie should be made about the only black family (Haitian man w/French wife & children) aboard the Titanic who died while saving... read more >
Carol Merceron, 15-Feb-18 10:43 am
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