awesome i feel you on that one send me a copy

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awesome i feel you on that one
send me a copy

Sarah, February 28 2009, 5:21 PM

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Topic: I don't look Haitian - by Prosper Sylvain Jr.

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LOVELY!!!! i know exactly how u feel. i am light skin and i always get that same thing that i dont look haitian. by the way when u had perfomed it... read more >
Hadiya, 25-Feb-08 9:24 pm
I like this poem it's so good. read more >
Grace, 27-Feb-08 10:00 pm
I E T! "I am Haitian not only because I was born in Haiti, but because Haiti was born in me." I am in love with this poem read more >
Zopope, 28-Feb-08 4:46 pm
Clivens, My name is Joe Rubino, I am a recruiter in Chicago. I came across an old resume from 01. Please get in touch with me if you are still in IL. read more >
Joe Rubino, 4-Mar-08 4:17 pm
haitian dont look diferent,the skin is light dont mine nothing.One haitian steel stay haitian,and be pround,sait'it 1-2-3 I'm haitian so whath, by... read more >
Ti Chouchou, 20-Mar-08 9:03 am
Wow!!!! I was amazed, after I read this poem on my cousin myspace page, I goggle your name, I must say as a Haitian woman I read more >
Sandy, 25-Dec-08 9:13 pm
beautiful but we need to have heart to heart about why is haiti awful to it's people read more >
Manuchca, 13-Jan-09 9:41 pm
Thank you for the poem. read more >
Yvette, 12-Feb-09 10:48 pm
awesome i feel you on that one send me a copy read more >
Sarah, 28-Feb-09 5:21 pm
that poem is beautiful, you really have a talent there my brother. I am sure you inspire alot of people with it. read more >
Nadege, 8-May-09 3:26 pm
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