Aristide a natural born killer

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Two hundred years ago, our ancestors rose up in the heart of the Americas, defeated the French army, however, two hundred years later, the island is in the brink of a civil war. Haiti never witnessed a democratic government, now it is ruling by a psychotic priest without any knowledge of the rule of laws, finance, economics and politics.

As always, the fundamental of Haitian politics are: killing political opponents are understandable, government looting cash from the national budget is way of life and government owing private armed tugs and gangs are necessary.

This is a crash course, Haitian politics 101. As the civil unrest unfolds, we must present the whole picture.

Undoubtedly, President Jean Bertrand Aristide is a natural born killer, a looter, an oxy moron, a chameleon, but democratically elected president by the people.

Nonetheless, ruling with an iron fist and a contested legislature.

Aristide learned to kill his opponents and stole money faster than the speed of light.

For Haitians, Aristide style is the typical physical law of Haitian politics as today, the Haitian president is facing with galaxy of challenges from the Lartibonite armed Front.

The Lartibonite armed Front was once loyal to Aristide, now turned the M1, M12, M16,M14, T65, hang grenades, and countless of other automatic ammunitions on him, vowing to take him down.

The Gonaives Armed Resistant Front, which is spearheading by Butter Metayer, Wynter Etienne, Peter and Wily, got Aristide shook in his pant. Speaking personally on the phone with one of the lieutenant of the rebels in Gonaives, Haiti, they declared, the Haitian president betrayed them he assassinated our leader, Amiot Metayer is our own, said one member of the Armed Resistant Front, we can no longer trust Aristide, we will fight him to death, we will fight him until the last bullets.

Wynter Etienne, the spokesman for the rebels, cited 2/07/04, they are better equipped, better trained and smarter than the Haitian president, his private armed gangs, swat team and the national police forces.

Now, Gonaives, Lesterre, Marchand Dessalines, Petit Rivierre, Pont Sonde, St Michel, Gros Morne, Anse Rouge, trous du nord and other villages are in control of the opposition and the Haitian rebels.

In our closing arguments, we must say, no leader in the history of humanity are dumper than the Haitian president, today the world is closing on him, he is losing grip and the governance of the country, crime is sky-high, poverty, joblessness, while Canada, USA are asking their citizens to stay out of Haiti.

I'm not leavingEdeclared, President Aristide (the dump man.) What will happen?

We believe that Aristide is a democratically elected president, but he looted too much money from the country, remember that, Aristide is a son of a homeless Haitian family now become one of the richest Haitians, furthermore, Aristide killed counteless of political opponents.

Now, we can say goodbye, good bye, good bye Aristide, Aristide tug,

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