I read the book, but WE, Haitians have to do what is right for...

Charlot Charlemagne - February 2 2009, 11:36 AM

I read the book, but WE, Haitians have to do what is right for our motherland.

Remember Mr. Rangel Charles B. is a Politician.

He thinks, walks, talks like one. I can not call him my friend, but I met him before.

Everything with outsiders is what can you do for me in order to help you. This fight is for Haitians first, then others not the other way around.

Dear Konfrere, thanks for sharing this, but
The time is now, for every Haitian to join together in the same vision and do whatsoever is necessary to ensure that our future generations are not left behind.

They must have a healthy head, fair, safe and moral start in life. We must not lose what we know is right.

It was right then, it is right now, and it will be always right regardless of the political climate.

It is not over until it is over.
We believe as people we must recognize and unconditionally agree that for the people we are fighting their problem never been solved and have been abused, misused and misrepresented.

The people or masses finally need Reparation or Restoration.

When we are divided we are ineffective but when there is Konfraternit

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