I strongly agree with everything you have done. IT's about...

I strongly agree with everything you have done. IT's about time that people in here America know the truth about Haiti.

Recently I went to Haiti for the celebration of of 200 years of Independence.

What I saw was nonetheless horrifying but what you have done and written gave me strength to believe in my country even more. I must admit I had given up hope but Lord knows giving up is not the way to go. I know one day my beautiful country will surpass any curse that has been put upon it. We will one day rise up and be the best. All we need is a group of people that are willing to make the country better.

We don't need people who are out there for their best interest but those who are willing to help the vast population.

We need a united force.

I will continue to pray for my country.

I agree in that half the things they say in books are not truth.

There's a book by a man named Francesco de Soto can help. I will find the title and try my best to help you out. God Bless.

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