Dear sister Rete-avèk is Slavery. Slave :one bond in...

Charlot Charlemagne - February 1 2009, 8:40 PM

Dear sister Rete-avèk is Slavery.

Slave :one bond in soumission to a person or house as an instrument of labor.

Like Neo-liberalism.

I respect your opinion, but agree to disagree
Dear Mr. Ambassador Joseph Raymond, my dear Friend, Konfrere.

I do not understand your frustration, I did not read the article but Dan Harris is right in any shape or form according to your meaning of (rete/avèk) or Slave:one bound in soumission to a (person) house as an instrument of labor.

Neo-Liberalism is a form of slavery
Haiti is broke, yet still fabulous in its cultural knowledge.

The bleak economic facts do not do justice to the country, because Haiti is more dynamic and more haunted by history than the free market Haitians politicians can understand.

Haiti, the poorest country in the hemisphere is affected by well-known problems: plead poverty through rolling in riches (farming) reduce by famine such a pity for the "first black nations independent in the world."
The popular despair is palpably present in the streets of the major cities where mothers and children begged in teams.

The countries "bizarre" sense of humor is mixed up with sorrow, form the national experience.

In this circle of bad choices, the underdeveloped counties like Haiti is trapped between the old politics and the new economic of globalize finance.

The visible explanation of the dilemma is debt
The global system is the real mystery, pure barbarism, prostitution, including sex with under age, young women.

The sex is quite dangerous (HIV) in Haiti.

It is in the throes of profound transformations, the violent reordering of class structures, the vast rural pleasantry upended, ensured, consecrated by the economy.

A new middle class one cannot recognize the essential transaction in this transformation involved turning rural peasants into cheap labor for Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic) and into boat people.

In the countryside it displaced millions of small and subverted the basis of their meager live hoods caught in the economic bind, families migrated to the cities to earn wages income by working as house cleaner, brothels and other things.

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We must agree with the Ambassador Raymond Joseph that...

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