We must agree with the Ambassador Raymond Joseph that all...

Mireille De Bordes Jean-marie - January 24 2009, 1:02 PM

We must agree with the Ambassador Raymond Joseph that all newspaper print out must be factual.

However, the practice of 'Restavek' or name calling for individuals who have difficulty making ends meet is wrong.

Finding it difficult to obtain basic needs to survive does not diminish a human being nor make them a 'Restavek'.

This word aims to belittle an individual who is having a hard time. We should avoid name calling for those who are less fortunate.

These individuals are already down they deserve all the respect and dignity needed so that they can find the strength to get back up again.

That is human, that is noble and that is what Jesus would do. As far as child slavery is concerned it occurs in other countries as well as in Haiti covertly.

Thus, it up to Government officials to establish stricter measures in other to put a stop to it. In India, for example, government officials have gone under cover to catch people in the act and each time they are caught the officials make stricter rules and more restrictions until the practice of child slavery disappears.

However, the government officials continue to look out and monitor those prone to start the practice again.

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