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Saint Preux, are you reading my mind?

Brother, I couldn't say it any better then this, and I would like to thank you 1000 times for posting this message.

Now I am starting to believe that it was not a coincidence last year mid-December when I found your website and read one of your post about mother Haiti's 200 years.

After reading the message, I asked you if I can put some of your messages on some t-shirts.

Your answer was yes! Well, my brother, next month, as you know, is Black History Month, and I have decided to teach some young folks about mother Haiti's great victory, one that put her on the world map in becoming the first black republic in the world and the second free country in the Americas.

I am a Martial Artist.

I have my own Studio in Baltimore, Maryland and I also teach martial arts as a P.E class (physical education) in 3 public schools in the Baltimore City. The population here in the city is 64% blacks, 25% whites and 11% latinos.

Not even 0.5% of them know about Haiti's History, but the majority of them do know that she is the poorest country in the world.

I have asked all 3 principals of the schools about teaching the students about mother Haiti history for black history month.

They said yes, and, so, my brother, sometime next month over 1500 students of color are going to learn about the first black republic in the world, Mother Haiti.

I am also involved in starting a Haitian Martian Arts Network, where all Haitian martial artits all over the world can come together and unite as one. The network is founded by two of our own Haitian brothers.

Saint Preux, thanks again, keep doing what you are doing.

Some of us are listening.

Step by step, one day will get there.

Frantz Cadet

P.S. I needs some materials (preferably in English) to help me prepare for the presentation in mid February.

If any one have already made such presentation in the past, don't hesitate to help me out, I would be pleased to review it. And if anyone knows where I can find a great book, video, dvd, or photos about mother Haiti's history, that will also help. I have tried my area's public library.

The information they have are false and backwards, they hide the truth and talk trash.

As a proud Haitian, there is no way I am going to let some one else read or watch this information.

P.P.S. Saint Preux, it would be great if you can do this presentation with me. And the T-shirt will be donated to the students

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