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my fellow Br,

I came here when I was a teenager, I use to cry alot asking God
why did my parent had ever concider to send me here. I was not able to come in
peace with myself being here; until
I started to gain knowlege in understanding.

I realised how powerfull knowlege is and how much my people need that.

I have a great undestanding of what is going on at home in how we can fix it
but it will need a lot of work and dedication in and love for the country
and the people (love is something that we're lacking in a big way. we have more hatred in our country than anything else.

Haitian people need more love in their heart.

ignorance, hate, jealousy
are some of the disease that plague our

When I said being here help to
give me knowlege and understanding it
because I am in the US, it is because
I use the oportunity of being here to
gain the education that I needed because
there are a lot of people who are satisfied with the OKi DOK.

I realise they more to that so when I was really to drop the hat of ignorance I met a gentleman who was reasercher who had took his time to help
me get rid of mental slavery.

At certain point of my studies he had show me how to do my own reasearch and to aply what I had learned.

The Egytians
in their Hyroglyphics said men (Know thyself and be thyself)

Therefore by knowing oneself it enables you
to live acording to who you are not someone else's idea who happen to be our oppressors, and as history never fail
people who where oppress become oppressors themselves, and they do it to
their own people.

They are four disease that blacks people are suffering from:

The lack of knowledge,
Ignorance, selfhate, and division

Let me break it down for you:

Slavery had left us handicaps and plague
with so many diseases.

The first one is lack of knowledge of who we are and others arounds us.

that lack of Knowledge breed ignorance and of course that breed self

Oh! By the way,

if you dont like yourself, what makes you think you will like someone else?

It is imposible.

My dear Brother, if you want help our people start with the head because
that is where whe problem lies.

I am so happy today that I am physically and mentalLy free but then again I am in pain because the rest of us are still in mental bondage.

The shackles moved from the body to the mind.

Now it is even worse because we think
we are free.

Notice that I said "we" because
if 99% of the people are still in bondage the 1% don't make a difference.

Lock for the Willy Lynch letter.

At the end of it he said that( if you
can make program a man's mind to how you want him to, you no longer have to tell him what to do, his mind will
dicted to him what to do.

My beloved brother, I like what you had to say my friend emailed me your article and I felt that me and you are are almost on the same page. We need more people whith love and understanding to come togheter as one to solve this problem.

No one can do it for we have to save ourselves.

There is no Jesus that is coming to save anyone it
is a myth that have grown to stand on.


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