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toussaint avait predit mon combat allait jaillir, mes valeurs, pour un monde meilleur, le drapeau de la liberte au milieu d'un pays longtemps, acquis a l'esclavages occupera un jour une grande place dans l'histoire des revolution morales de ce globe de l'afrique mere au reste du monde contre le deni humain, la lutte continue avec obama l'homme pluriels humaniste a l'ecoute de son destin

Boniface Zebo Correspt De Press Producer, November 10 2008, 3:34 AM

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Topic: The Little Black Slave That Could

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It's really touch me while i am reading it,i think all the black people all over the world suppose to see this topic, read it and think about it. read more >
Luner Staniclas, 6-Nov-08 11:48 am
A bigot is just a bigot where ever you go. In europe a bigot is a cast away but weekends they come out as predators and mingle in society. My... read more >
Garry Destin, 6-Nov-08 4:41 pm
Until now we fight for becomig our respect, Remember the Matin Luther King's speech : I have a dream that one day the blak men and The white men... read more >
Patrick Dorlean, 7-Nov-08 1:29 pm
I love it it's beautyful I hope my people teach their children our history wherewe come from and how we get to where we are. I realy love "TheLittle... read more >
Mizeliah, 8-Nov-08 1:52 am
Thank you for your lovely poem. My daughter, Sophie Depas, has just read it aloud to the family and we all loved it. I really liked the way that you... read more >
Rosalind Depas, 8-Nov-08 5:40 pm
toussaint avait predit mon combat allait jaillir,mes valeurs,pour un monde meilleur,le drapeau de la liberte au milieu d'un pays longtemps,acquis a... read more >
Boniface Zebo Correspt De Press Producer, 10-Nov-08 3:34 am
Hello Rosalind, Tell your daughter Sophie that I said thank you, I am sure she read it like a fairy tale, I hope more kids can read it. You have my... read more >
Woodring Saint Preux, 15-Nov-08 1:28 am


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