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Love your posts

Keep up the good work.

Would like you to post this birthday wish to my country.

It's an honnor to be one of the roots historicaly mentionned by our freedom figther and by far the greatest Stratege, Toussaint Louverture; "Elles repousseront par ses racines car elle sont profondes et nombreuses." He said. This is a glorious moment starting with May 18th 2003 where 200th years ago a lady was asked to sew two pieces of our flag, one close look at it today is enough to see and understand what we've been through to be the first free black nation of the world.

It is why it feel so good to see brothers and sisters being proud of their heritage regardless of what's going within.

Il faut montrer a notre terre que ses soldats ne sont pas morts en vain, que les racines dont L'Ouverture parlait sont si profondes que partout ou elles sont, elle font rayonner le bleu et rouge.

Bonne Fete Ayiti Quisqueya haute-terre montagneuse cherie, tes enfants repondront toujours present a ton appel aussi loin somme-nous.

Cesse de t'inquieter, nous retournerons sou peu a la maison avec un tout les equipements necessaire a ton evolution et ta reconstructions.

Nous te prouverons que nous somme encore unis et que par cette union, nulle n'egale notre force.

thank a lot in advance.

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Love your posts Keep up the good work. Would like you to post this birthday wish to my country. It's an honnor to be one of the roots historicaly... read more >
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