Haitian Mango vs Mexican Mango

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I see some people trying to compare Haitian Mango to Mexican Mango.

There is no comparison.

Haitian mango it best.

Have you ever tasted our delicious Haitian mango fransik, aka mango francis, aka mango francique?

Simply the best, that's all I can say.

There are many Haitian mango types that cannot be exported.

You have to come to Haiti to taste them during Haitian mango season.

Like Mango Batis for example, aka mango Baptiste.

PHOTO: Fresh mangoes from Haiti - Mango Baptiste

Haitian Mango Batis is a delicious mango very popular in Haiti for making tasty mango juice but it's skin is so soft and delicate that mango batis cannot be exported.

Haitain Mango, December 10 2019, 4:13 PM

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