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I am very saddened by this news please accept my most sincere apologies.

Jean-rony Benoit, October 7 2008, 1:58 PM

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Topic: Trajedy Strikes The Saint Preux Family Again

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the-haitian-community-ce joins avec concepts radio de paris-et toutes la caraibes aux condoleance d'un fils de la nation haitienne,a sa familles,les... read more >
Boniface Zebo Coresspt-de-press, 6-Oct-08 11:14 am
I would like to wish you my friend my deepest remorse for the tragedy your family is currently experiencing at this time. May God be with you. read more >
Roland Berthold -, 6-Oct-08 12:28 pm
To the Saint Preux family, I am deeply sorry about your lost! read more >
Georges, 6-Oct-08 6:44 pm
I am very saddened by this news please accept my most sincere apologies. read more >
Jean-rony Benoit, 7-Oct-08 1:58 pm
I'm so sorry for the death in your family of the tragic accident of your condolence goes to your family and you woody,because i remenber... read more >
Ketou, 8-Oct-08 5:18 am
Sorry about your lost, you have been there for us to inform us about everything that is going on in the community. I could not be there for you in... read more >
Marie Katia Brutus, 9-Oct-08 9:18 pm
My Condoleances to You and Your Family Woodring. I went to Ramapo with your brother. I'm very sorry about your loss. I will keep the family in my... read more >
Max Eugene, 13-Oct-08 1:22 pm
Woodring, I am so very sorry for your loss! I wish you and your family strenght and faith! Saskia, David, Panama read more >
Saskia Delic, 23-Nov-08 10:50 am
where is michou zamor whereabout. read more >
Jacques Alerte, 23-Nov-08 4:55 pm
Sorry but I have no clue. read more >
Myrlande Zamor, 5-Dec-08 1:04 pm
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