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Topic: Evency Saint Preux - Funeral Services

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Monsieur St. Preux: You have truly made us feel like family. You share with us the pains of ordinary Haitians. Your report on Raynald's son-in-law... read more >
Paste Boul, 6-Oct-08 10:09 am
Accepting the gift? And I will pray the lord,and he shall give you another comforter, that he may abide you for ever... I will not leave you... read more >
Franck Gedin, 6-Oct-08 10:11 am
Toutes mes sinc read more >
Rony, 6-Oct-08 11:52 am
It is always sad to lose a loved one. My deepest sympathy. Mireille read more >
Mireille De Bordes Jean-marie Singh, 6-Oct-08 12:22 pm
I'm sorry to learn about your brother's death Mr. Saint Preux I know you and your family members are going through some rough times especially your... read more >
Stanley, 6-Oct-08 1:53 pm
I had been talked I had said the words That no Men ever Imagine People who are Haitians will always see the Tragedy We need to Pray together and let... read more >
Marie, 6-Oct-08 7:32 pm
My condolences to you Woodring and your family!!! read more >
Emmanuelle, 6-Oct-08 8:42 pm
Miss you cuz,, You stayed with a smile on your face.. read more >
Pierre, 7-Oct-08 7:52 pm
The thing about death, it takes you by surprise. No one wants to die. If the young man knew he was going to die in that motorcycle accident, he... read more >
Maggy, 9-Oct-08 11:54 pm
We are Sorry for Your Loss, The Saint Preux family Have Montresor 2011 Deepest Sympathy. God Bless read more >
Montresor 2011, 10-Oct-08 8:48 am
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