These Haitian opposition leaders should all go to jail for what they've done!

David Grant - February 25 2019, 4:30 PM

Those opposition leaders need to know that Haiti is a country.

its economy is partly depending in tourism; and those violent manifestations is an impediment to the involvement of the industry.

However; needless to say, these men do not care about the nation, but themselves.

Their sole desire is to be at the helm of power and to hell with the advancement of the country.

They will do everything in their path to reach their goals and be able to suck the life blood of the economy.

They are the ones who are inciting the ignorants to commit such mindless acts without any analytic proof of their behavior.

These so called opposition leaders know exactly what they are doing.

and should be made to pay for their action.

Jail should be their final destination.

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