to keep protecting the petrothieves?

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Agourou, November 21 2018, 9:45 AM

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Topic: Haitians in the Diaspora wants Jovenel Moise to complete his term as president of Haiti, Diaspora journalist says

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No he should stay and finish his term per the constitution read more >
Yves Colas, 20-Nov-18 2:29 pm
Jovenel has to finish his term or no deal. read more >
Herman, 20-Nov-18 2:57 pm
Jovenel have to stayed! read more >
Eddy Arbouut, 20-Nov-18 4:09 pm
He should stay read more >
Gerard, 20-Nov-18 4:16 pm
Pale pou tet ou Kisa Jovenel fe pou diaspora konsa ou pa bay okinn nouvel sou sa kap pase Ayiti yo read more >
Jhojoa, 20-Nov-18 6:49 pm
He has to STAY to complete his TERM. read more >
Ralph Leon, 20-Nov-18 9:24 pm
Agourou, 21-Nov-18 9:45 am
to protect petrotchieves is the only reason why Jovenel should finish his term read more >
Agourou, 21-Nov-18 9:53 am
It doesn't make any sense for the president to leave the power. His idea is great and even greater than any Haitian president I have known for the... read more >
Herlex, 21-Nov-18 2:38 pm
President Jovenel must and have to complete his term.He spent 22 months campaigning all over Haiti He was elected democratically.Haiti has been in... read more >
Hen, 21-Nov-18 6:54 pm
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