Have you ever tried water fasting?

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Topic: Have you ever tried water fasting?

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Yes I have, i have done 5 days. U have to do your research. There is actually a man recorded to have fast more than 300 days. Many have done 20 to... read more >
Sherly, 19-Nov-18 8:47 am
Fasting is very good. It gives the cells of your body a rest for a time while cleansing the whole system. But moderation is appropriate in... read more >
Alexa, 19-Nov-18 8:50 am
Woody, Great and healthy topics here. I have never fasted in my life, but It can greatly beneficial to your health. According to some scientific... read more >
Al, 19-Nov-18 9:52 am
You can start with the Daniel fast first and see how that goes and then try the water fast after. Google Daniel fast.... The first three days of any... read more >
Gerard, 19-Nov-18 10:15 am
Read "How to Eat to Live" by The Honorable Elijah Muhammad. read more >
Kory Miller, 19-Nov-18 4:23 pm


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