Find the positive side of Voodoo science

Garry Destin - September 3 2008, 7:43 PM

Well that shows if Haitians used what ever it is smartly enought how far Haiti would be. Idiots call it voodoo, smart people advance call it science.

So If the Haitian scientists start looking for the positive side of Voodoo, many great surgeries and medicines will be possible.

same way the west looked for the positive side of theirs and now here they are it is from the history of medecines.

We have reached the period of knowledge and wisdom and Haitians still being in the dark with a great gift. That is why the bad people use it for the wrong reason.

It is time for Haitian to exploring/exploiting their african gifts instead of danming it.
I am glad she was found and may the Highest bless her soul

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