Hello this Kenson D. Moise. I am here to let you know I need...

Moise Kenson - September 22 2018, 12:08 PM

Hello this Kenson D. Moise.

I am here to let you know I need the money that was given to the Haitian people.

When the was an earthquake in port au prince, Haiti.

I have relatives whom died and need assistance on thangs in the country of Haiti.

I've been calling to See if I could get the money for the poor and wounded Haitians.

Please make a deposit to my account.

My family is from the island and country.

I am there every hope to get assistance for the Haitians involved in this matter.

I will give these folks food and shelter on my mission to the country.

These Haitians were killed in the earthquake in 2010.

8 years gone by and I am the people's voice to get help.

I look forward to this mission.

I need all the money from the Haiti 2010 earthquake in my account ASAP.

My account information is: Meta Bank -Rounting number is: 073972181 and the account number is :70004924774077 This Kenson Dovilian Moise personal account .6 Billion dollars need to be deposited into the account.

My phone number is(321) 287-3841 and my email is Kenson268 [at] gmail.com. Sincerely, Kenson Dovilian Moise

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