Yo honte di yo gin origine Haitienne

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Happy to know
Mais qu'y gagne Haiti?Rien.Pourquoi r

Dessalines, July 1 2008, 7:01 PM

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Topic: American Celebrities With Haitian Roots

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hi praz are going,you want to know about usher,1er the last name is raymond,do you know raymond is french go an roroli.com you gone find the rest... read more >
Tichouchou, 21-Jun-08 1:47 pm
salut roudeline,topic la pal read more >
Tichouchou, 28-Jun-08 2:27 pm
Happy to know Mais qu'y gagne Haiti?Rien.Pourquoi r read more >
Dessalines, 1-Jul-08 7:01 pm
yeah i want to know how do u know usher is haitien read more >
Sara, 8-Jul-08 2:06 pm
It's ok for them to be ashame of who they are. Their parents didn't know any better to teach those who grew up in America that the rebellion started... read more >
Guy, 13-Jul-08 1:16 pm
i am an american who married to a haitian man. i think the country is beautiful and i cannot wait to visit. i also think that many americans are... read more >
Tiffanyyes04, 22-Jul-08 3:07 pm
I beleive it's not important to say I'm haitian and sit around and do nothing for haiti,however the most important thing is to help haiti with your... read more >
Gesny, 24-Jul-08 11:08 pm
hi sara,how you doing,about usher is last name is raymond but go on roroli,com click an forum you gone fine more more celebrities with haitian roots... read more >
Tichouchou, 27-Jul-08 10:09 am
yo pa vle di se haitien yo ye zafe yo read more >
Bon Bagay, 25-Sep-08 9:38 am
Whats with some haitians, half of them not really representing like haitians, here in NY how often do i meet haitian guys who try to be like... read more >
Gregoire, 13-Oct-08 2:32 pm
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