It is already in the works. Joelguerrier at

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It is already in the works.

Joelguerrier [at]

Joel Guerrier, July 3 2018, 9:47 AM

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Topic: Uber in Haiti - If only Motocycles were allowed

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I would love to see Uber operate in Haiti. Uber would be a great source if income for new generation Haitian drivers and something new and different... read more >
Joe, 16-May-17 2:13 am
I ride often with Uber all over the world,Why not in Haiti? read more >
Jasmine, 17-Jul-17 5:23 pm
Yes I will like to see something like that in my country read more >
Evenson Souberain, 31-Dec-17 1:49 pm
It is already in the works. read more >
Joel Guerrier, 3-Jul-18 9:47 am


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