To Kanye West, black people in the United States never got their independence from their oppressors but the Haitians...

Romane Desir - May 3 2018, 9:16 PM

Kanye West!

Our ancestors were kidnapped, they were bamboozled and mistreated every day, their masters gave them inhumane treatment by raping their women and some of the male slaves as well and changing their languages.

So many of our ancestors got killed willingly by their masters.

Have you ever read about the Williams Lynch's technique Kanye West?

After three hundred years into bondage in Haïti, our ancestors decided to get out of slavery by killing and burning their masters because they understood that they were a kingly people and no other race of people were superior to them.

But, in the United states of America, the slaves masters learned from the Haitian revolution to mentally destroy their slaves better; this is the reason why black people in the United states of America never got their independence from their oppressors.

Kanye West! Slavery was not a choice from our ancestors, but getting out of it is surely a choice.

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