Hello woodring, It seems you're looking for an american...

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hello woodring,
It seems you're looking for an american
success story, or anglo saxon anyway.Do
you think in France, we have such mentors.The new president, Macron is his name, mentioned the alarming number of people he qualified as lazy and jealous.

And it is true.The french love to go on strike for any reason, no trains, no planes, they are the ones who work the
least in Europe, but they strike anyway.

My son lives in London, and my daughter probably would leave if not for her three kids.Her estranged husband doesn't pay alimony, but nobody
cares.The haitians i met seemed to be hard working people, with ambition.But you know better than I do.
France is the shadow of the country it was.We have terrorism also, a perfect nightmare.

Hang on, my friend.It's a sick world.


Goldstein, March 27 2018, 5:30 PM

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Topic: HAITI: Make friends with the kind of people you want to be like BUT, who wants to be a mentor in this country?

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hello woodring, It seems you're looking for an american success story,or anglo saxon anyway.Do you think in France,we have such mentors.The new... read more >
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