Foundation with rocks is generally found in old building that...

Kensonsun Bernade - January 19 2018, 11:09 PM

Foundation with rocks is generally found in old building that were build in the 1900's.

The answer is simple it's just an old practice that Haiti got from the old time and have not been able to advance like other countries have.

Cement is expansive so we try to minimize the amount of concrete we put in the foundation.

Rocks more affordable and the science of construction or building is not a forté there.

I will suggest using concrete foundation for future project but we should avoid concrete made with salty sand or water, it will excel the deterioration of the concrete.

In Canada most of house that I have worked on or designed are
with concrete foundation, waterproofed and application of drainage board and weeping tile on the exterior, to keep water away from the foundation.

My personal opinion - based on education and experience.

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Feel free to comment if you have more question.

I am part of a great building science team in Ottawa and we always have solutions for buildings.

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