It is true to say that some of us (the Haitian people) only...

Frednel Etienne - November 21 2017, 8:18 PM

It is true to say that some of us (the Haitian people) only practice our so-called professionalism to other Haitians which I feel like is so wrong to do. They do that only to rip our hard earned money.

I keep hearing announcements about credit repair.

Many times I find so many of those « pros have poor credit « all because they don't have money to pay their debts.

At some point my credit score was 560 to I am blessed to say that I have a credit score that exceeds 750. I didn't have to use non of those so-called credit repairer but my God given wisdom.

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Consumer Alert... It is so easy for Haitian-Americans with Bad Credit to fall pray to this type of practice

Many Haitian-Americans suffer from Bad Credit and there are many so called Credit Repair professionals all over Haitian radio in the Diaspora...

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