Why do Haitians consider old people "LOUGAROU"?

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Joseph says...

Pase fok ou lougawou pou viv lontan nan peyi sa ak malfekte toupatou more »

David Grant says...

Its is hard to analyse the cultural presumptions of the Haitian people. Haitians are by nature very superstitions and give supernatural to any any... more »

Alexa says...

Haitians do not like elderly people. There's nothing in the culture that inspires respect for the older generation, especially women. When I was... more »

Max says...

The people in Haiti not going to change. They grow up like that and will die as they came. more »

Moise Kenson says...

Hello this Kenson D.Moise. I am here to let you know I need the money that was given to the Haitian people. When the was an earthquake in port au... more »