What they HELL do they think that Haiti need to have light...

Ingodwetrust - October 16 2017, 9:49 PM

What they HELL do they think that Haiti need to have light skinned foreigners on its soil to properly function?

Now more than ever, Mexico need their military to recoup after that devastating earthquake.

After Haitians got themselves together to get their independence in 1804, the entire oppressing world thought it was an international insult and vowed to screw Haiti by dividing and conquering Haiti; it has not stop since then.


HAITIANS Must get themselves together again and take care of their God given Nation.

How many other countries have Haiti tell them what to do?


When is Haiti going to wake up?

The UN came to Haiti, brought COLERA and killed thousands of your people and do not take responsibility for their criminal action.

They just changed the name of big brother who is still going to watch over and cause more trouble in Haiti.

Learn from your mistakes.

Do you think those foreigners are there to fight for you or defending their interests?

Haiti is currently loosing its most valuable resources "HIS PEOPLE" who made DR rich in the sugar industry and is about to do the same thing in Chile and Brazil.

Half of that exorbitant amount of money that are used to pay those foreigners could have been use to pay for Haiti's own military.

They have been in Haiti while everything got worse.

Devaluation of Haitian currency, Education, infrastructure, healthcare, food, unemployment, electricity, drinking water, economy and the basic human necessities do not exist.

Do they have UN in Dominican Republic next door, and Cuba and Jamaica?

"NO" Look at them and look at Haiti.

The powers to be have invested in most of those countries but not in Haiti.

The only difference between Haiti and them is that Haiti caused an international insult by being the first black country to gain its independence.

If Haiti keep doing the same thing nothing will change and they will always labeled Haiti as the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere.

Rwanda and South Africa woke up got themselves together behind one leader and changed things for the better.

When is Haiti going to say enough is enough...?

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