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Woody, this idea just came to mind. Can you create a survey where we can vote for the best city to visit when visiting Haiti?

I know that we have beautiful tourism places and the only way for tourist to know of those places is from us. Think about it people for a moment.

American likes to hike and we are surrounded by mountains is just one example.

Or reply to the city or the suburban area you think is a great place to visit.

this is one way to help Haiti be known for as one of the touristic island.

Let's help build Haiti's reputation and that will help making a difference.


Franty Cleophat, November 29 2007, 8:48 AM

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This such a good Idea! Capturing photos of places visited in Haiti that has tourism potential should be shared on the web with some useful details... read more >
Nadia Constant, 21-Feb-08 9:20 am


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