Welcome to MullerArtsInternational/artist

Mullerjeanfrancois - November 23 2007, 8:34 AM

Welcome to MullerArtsInternational/artist
Body: Welcome to MullerArtsInternational/artist
Written by Web Master
F, 22 nov2007
Hi. My name is Muller Jean Francois.

Congratulation for stopping by. MullerArtsInternational is a site dedicated to all forms of arts: painting, music, sculpture, potery, crafts etc. As time goes by, we plan to extend our site to become a place where artists can come and meet together, make friends, exchange ideas and upload their artwork.

It is going to be a lounge where to stop by and relax.

We encourage you to register so that we can keep you updated about all activities going on at the art lounge.

Thanks and welcome.

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