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It is very unfortunate on your part that
you choose not to say any-thing about
what's going on right now in our beloved-
homeland.It sadden me to see a platform
as yours playing politics with the truth
of the situation in Haiti.It's okay to
be critical about the so-called leaders
of Haiti without being label anti-Aristide.How come you have not mention
anything about what the lavalas
doing to the students in Haiti?you do
know that we have a very corrupted gov.
in Haiti, worse than the Duvalier's.
When I left Haiti in 1974,the haitian
dollar was equated to the american's
we had security 24/7...electricity 24/7
water24/7....yes we did not have a fake
democracy, but our economy was 100% better.

Regardless of our political ideology, we have a duty as educated haitians to tell the truth.

I just came
from Port-Au-Prince, I could not believe
what I need to go to Haiti
with a camera...with an open mind. I love
my country, I make sure I go there two
three times a year spend a lots of time
in the country-side and learn from the need to do that and you'll
come back with a different view of our
land and people.

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