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That was a great thing you said and I could have not said it any better than the way you said it. I too (as a seventh day) believe in exactly what you said. Just like the scary "n...." word voodoo has become very taboo and sterotyped.

It needs to be understood, historically and in its entire aspect.

It's not scary and evil as people make it out to be. It's our culture and the way of think of the majority (especially the poor).

To understand haitians you have to understand their way of thinking and voodoo is part of it. You don't have to embrace it; because you can choose to worship or pray in any religion you want but don't discriminate those who do because every single haitian no matter what class you are had a mother, grand-mother, or great-grand-mother that did voudou and came thru for you when you were sick at sometime.

Or you had a problem that they had to go find the answer for you some how. So give me a break !!! to those who oppose to it or to even hearing racine music.

I'm very religious but I see nothing with listening to racine music because a lot of the music are political and not religious as many might think.

Blessed, November 12 2007, 10:19 PM

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