we can make the change if we put together

Carlos - September 7 2007, 6:03 PM

yea yea what can i say about them people who realy show they love for the first african descent who first gain indepedant.

I want all the Haitian who living aboard to take a look in the pass and think of who we was befor, and see where we came from and don't know where we going right now.but tel yourl what! we can make a diffrent, if we put together and stop trying to live the American life and live ur own life which is the Haitian life. By represent of who you are where ever you go. and be proud just like the other country to talk about your country.

sometimes I feel so bad to see that even are own caribbean friends don't have respect for are Haitien people like the Bahamas Turks and Caicos Islands and others.

Just cause we have no proud of are country.

people taking them lil sloop just find a better life, but they never make it on land. think about what u can do to help Haiti.

Much love for the people that on the same track with me and for Haiti

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You are absolutely right,we have to be objective in...

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