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Haiti is recognized as the second nation that obtained its independence in the Continent of America and in the island of Saint Dominique (Santo Domingo).

The name of the island was mentioned in Article 1 of the Constitution of 1805, signed by the then Emperor J.J. Dessalines.

This mean that even when the constitution claim that the entire island belonged to Haiti, regionally the territory (the island) was "Dominican", free of attachment to foreign powers (Spain, France, USA, etc.) It was not a good idea to name the island "Haiti", because it has evolved into a great confusion and have cause misunderstanding and crisis between the people from the two nations sharing the island.

We wrote a book in Spanish "Quisqueya, un país en el mundo"; and have started a project to give the name of Quisqueya to what we now know only by its denomination of Dominican Republic.

If Haiti agrees that the name of the island is "Santo Domingo", Haitians are also, "regionally", Dominicans too; but at the same level as "Quisqueyans", because both nations are in a Dominican Territory (The island of Santo Domingo).

The equation we want to bring is that there are two free, sovereign and independent nations in the island of Santo Domingo: Haiti and Quisqueya.

Both are Dominican republics; although it is not mandatory to include the denominacion Dominican in their title.

Please open this topic in the forum.

We will clarify concepts that will lead to a peaceful solutions to today's confusion and crisis.

Cosme E Perez, November 2 2016, 10:28 AM

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