My visit to Le P'tit Resto

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A wonderful and prosperous 2007 to all!! Thank you for all your email and your continued support.

I spent the holidays in Miami with my family.

A good friend of mine suggested that we check out "Le P'tit Resto" owned by Ed Lozama, the Director of WSRF Radio, for their regular Friday "Poetry night".

My mom, my sisters, Carolle and Marie, as well as my brother in-law, Mario, were in tow. Wow! What an enjoyable night for us! I ate the most wonderful "fritay", had a couple of glasses of water, sat back, relaxed, in one of the most cozy ambiance I've been to in a long time.

The evening started with music by Raphael Jean-Baptiste (Fayo) on keyboards, and he was joined by singer, Jeannot Jean Baptiste of Nemours Jean-Baptiste fame and trumpet player, Fritz Pierre.

Later on, I had a chance to see and hear some of the best talents evolving in our entertainment field.

I was especially taken with the very talented MC, Jesler Mezidor (Deep n' Thought), whose comedic timing was just impeccable.

He and Ed made me feel right at home. I was wonderfully surprised by the superb vocalist, Jerrie Longchamps, who sang 2 beloved songs in French and Spanish.

She was immediately invited by singer Gary French to appear on a Haitian television program in New Jersey.

You go girl!!! I'd like to see you on VH1 in the near future though.

(Wanègès) Yvette Israel Leroy, impressed me with her poetry the same way she did the first time I'd heard her many years ago at her home in Brooklyn.

Also present, Luc Ronel, whose French poetry is as romantic as they come. Many thanks also to Patrick Louis, Andre Foaud, Wolff Bertrand, Ernst Registre and Adrien Dupuy who serenaded me with a special piece on his guitar.

At one point in the evening "Mistè Damou" started playing and the microphone was brought to me. Although I felt and voiced my opinion that the night belonged to the regular artists present, I could not refuse the warm invitation to sing along with myself.

LOL. I thank you all for your enthusiastic response.

Unfortunately, I had to make an early exit to get Mom to bed. She's 86 years old, has Alzheimer's and needed to rest. I learned the next day that Gary French entertained the very receptive audience with a composition from his earlier days. Needless to say that I was sorry to have missed the end of such a joyful evening.

I know that part of the night was warmly dedicated to me for my body of work and I humbly thank all who were present last Friday, December 29, 2006, especially our host, Ed Lozama.

I sincerely appreciate your acknowledgments and your recognition of my family's musical contribution to the world.



Yanick Etienne, January 4 2007, 10:39 PM

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