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Thank you Mr. Saint Preux for the story though it is a tragic story it is a wake up call. Usually people tend to forget the true meaning of christmas we run around looking for the perfect gifts we throw the fabulous parties we cook etc. gifts or no gifts, party or no party, cook or no cook, christmas is about the birth of Christ and families, friends,etc have to come together and pray whether you have a gift that cost over a one thousand dollars it means nothing the most expense gift is the gift of life. Please this christmas season let us spend it loving each other.

Tammy, December 17 2006, 10:45 AM

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Topic: Woodring`s Christmas Story

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Dear Woodring, What a sad story you told about your brother. I am very sorry for you and your family. Hopefully he is happy in heaven with our God... read more >
Je, 16-Dec-06 10:35 pm
I have a wife and 20 Girl orphans that i will spend christmas with. I broke my back and still recovering. As a christian I pre fere Merry Christmas... read more >
Pastor Tom Chadwick, 17-Dec-06 8:47 am
Thank you Mr.Saint Preux for the story though it is a tragic story it is a wake up call. Usually people tend to forget the true meaning of christmas... read more >
Tammy, 17-Dec-06 10:45 am
It is part of those many emails I usually get, where I had to finish to read this one. Sorry about your loss. Thanks for sharing it with us, and... read more >
Ronel, 17-Dec-06 3:14 pm
Hi St Preux! May God bless you and your family. Have a nice trip and don't forget to tell, when you will come back. Uriode Orelien ( Florida) read more >
Uriode Orelien, 17-Dec-06 4:12 pm
I so sorry againt? Mr. Woodring Saint Preux. I so happy to exchange our sorrow at this point of view on a time sharing. There can be no object... read more >
Franck Gedin, 17-Dec-06 4:35 pm
I read your e-mail Dominic about you not having the chance to spend christmast with your brother and his family. It was very touching, your story... read more >
R. Sanon, 17-Dec-06 7:13 pm
OMG i am so sorry for your lost but you make a lot of sence but at the same time maybe it was Gods will to end it the way it did its hard but is... read more >
Stephanie, 17-Dec-06 11:29 pm
Dear Woodring, Congratulations on your achievement and Happy Holidays to you too :-) God Bless!Tchimbe red adan travay la! One Luv Always, Kara... read more >
Karamel, 18-Dec-06 8:31 pm
Dear Woodring: The poignant and stirring Christmas story of missing Christmas with your brother sends a universal message. Be comforted by our... read more >
Kath, 19-Dec-06 12:39 am
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