Olivier Martelly according Danton Leger

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If Olivier Martelly was able to pass 100 pounds of cocain and 10 pounds heroin from US into Haiti, according Danton Leger, these guy should be able to find a way to create job to pay the workers well to be able to travel anywhere they want.

Patrick Princivil, June 5 2016, 8:46 PM

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Patrick leave Olivier alone you dick head. the guy is anything you guys wants to made out of him.you re just jealous.that s all.go Fock your papa. lol read more >
Elizabeth Francois, 5-Jun-16 10:35 pm
Se Haitian pou Nou ta ye. nou pa konn Anyin dutou de pitit moun yo. min Fok Nou lave bouch Nou sou li pase Nou jalou l. toutan Nou pa kite defo sa... read more >
Elizabeth Francois, 5-Jun-16 10:40 pm


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