68 Haitian Churches In Philadelphia!

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Topic: 68 Haitian Churches In Philadelphia!

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I can tell you that there are close to 50,000 Haitians/Haitian-Americans living in the Philadelphia/Greater Delaware Valley area (I am one of... read more >
M M, 7-Jan-09 4:55 pm
Where are they located? Would like to forward them an email about our church international Missions Events and speakers from Haiti. read more >
Dr. B. Watkins, 3-May-09 7:23 pm
I'm working with the Ronald McDonald House in No. Philly. We currently have some Haitian patients and need help with translation, etc. Are there... read more >
Kathy Mickells, 30-Jul-10 12:21 pm
I am looking for Haitian organizations or churches, etc that need help in the New Jersey area. If you know any, please feel free to let me know. read more >
Enco Enterprise, 30-Oct-10 12:59 pm
Are you still in need of volunteers to work witht he Haitian patients and families at the Ronald McDonald House? Desir read more >
Desiree Wayne, 5-Jan-11 3:16 pm
Hello, I am part of a community development and outreach program with in my company. We have an educational program designed for churches that is of... read more >
Sabrina Brooks, 13-Apr-11 1:39 pm
I would love to volunteer my services. Feel free to reach me at 215-554-7857 read more >
Fritz Cadet, 7-Feb-20 9:45 am


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