What does a Haitien look like?

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well I always wanted to know how does a Haitien look?

a Haitien can be white as snow or blacker than a chalkbroad.

I personally think Haitiens come in different shapes and forms.

Anybody could be Haitien!

Belkaramel, September 16 2006, 5:38 PM

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Topic: I don't look Haitian - by Prosper Sylvain Jr.

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Hello, My name is Nadia Sanon. Im a 20 year old Floridian mother that just wanted to share the joy that I got from this poem. As a young child I was... read more >
Topic, 24-Feb-05 9:28 pm
“I Don’t Look Haitian,” is a wonderful poem that speaks volumes of truth. It is true; there are many stereotypes about minorities in America... read more >
Topic, 2-Mar-05 1:24 pm
The peom "I don't look haitian" its kind of talking about me in a way. I am 19 yrs. old and when people find that I am haitian they always " for... read more >
Topic, 15-Mar-05 12:47 pm
I loved your poem, it was honest, intelligent and very well-written. Let us all rise to a new level and remove the stereotypes that hold us back... read more >
Topic, 10-Apr-05 5:10 pm
I never had a chance to thank you for your ccomment on my poem "I Don't Look Haitian.". Today was the first time I was actually seeing your comment... read more >
Makendal, 31-May-06 11:25 am
I am a poet and I am mixed as far as my cultural is concern, but you really moved me and I really would like to do an article about you. I am a... read more >
Poetress, 11-Jun-06 11:52 am
well I always wanted to know how does a Haitien look??? a Haitien can be white as snow or blacker than a chalkbroad.I personally think Haitiens come... read more >
Belkaramel, 16-Sep-06 5:38 pm
wow!, I am stunned and shivering. Very well put together poem. I am also Haitian, Came to America when I was young. I get the same horrible response... read more >
Clivens Laguerre, 20-Mar-07 4:38 pm
wat ur topic is about? please reformulate ur comment. by the way r u some kind of a racist person? read more >
Rachel, 28-Mar-07 11:50 am
Thank You!!!! OMG!!! it's WONDEFUL to find someone who has pride in his background. It's insulting having others tell you "you don't look haitian... read more >
Jessie, 19-Oct-07 2:38 pm
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