kidnapping in Haiti.

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in the name of the haitian people accept my sincere apology for what had happen to you in Haiti.

I habeen to the Bahamas 3 times as a tourist.

Unpleasant things also happened to me there.But it was one person, not the country.

Therefore next time I take a cruise, I'll stop again in the Bahamas.

Goodby and better luck next time.

J. Louis, September 8 2006, 7:32 AM

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Topic: Kidnapping in Haiti.

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in the name of the haitian people accept my sincere apology for what had happen to you in Haiti.I habeen to the Bahamas 3 times as a... read more >
J. Louis, 8-Sep-06 7:32 am
well sweet girl their is one thing i want to tell you that i am very sorry that it happen to you like but i am a Bahamain born of Haitian parents i... read more >
God Is Real, 8-Sep-06 4:48 pm
yes i am replying to the post that speaks about kidnapping and also my husband being embrassed at portu prince airport. read more >
Maxcine Roberts Desauguste, 9-Sep-06 12:21 pm
Hello Maxcine, I sympathize with you for what happened. Your situation clearly depicts the lack of education among some Haitians authority. I agree... read more >
David Rich, 9-Sep-06 12:55 pm
hay i'm haitian too my parents was born there but i have never been there myself and to think about it i don't ever think i will i have heard so... read more >
Shanty Johnson, 10-Sep-06 3:37 pm
i can't tell you or your husband what to do,and i'm very sorry for the insident at the airport but after all he is haitian no matter what he does... read more >
J C, 14-Sep-06 8:43 am
Salut: Vous le savez deja que je suis haitien,je vis a delmas.J'aimerais que vous me donner plus d'information sur cet site que vous m'aveiz envoye... read more >
Jn Yrey Jean Frene Sarazin, 19-Sep-06 10:54 am
I am sad to learn the bad experience you had while visiting my country. This situation started since the dictator Jean-Claude Duvalier left the... read more >
Sergo, 6-Oct-06 2:21 pm
Mrs. Bahamian, I'm very sorry that your husband and children had to go through this ordeal. I'm a haitian born myself who loves to go home... read more >
M. L, 9-Jan-07 2:38 pm
I hope one day we have an institution who can govern our contry well,one thing i am going to tell you,you can judge one haitian but not all of... read more >
Verdes Lauriston, 3-Feb-07 1:57 pm


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