Liane Panier in English: Basket withe scientific name...

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Liane Panier in English: Basket withe
scientific name: Chamissoa altissima (Jacq.) Kunth
synonym: = Achyranthes altissima Jacq.
synonym 2: = Celosia paniculata L.
botanical family: AMARANTHACEAE

(Liane Panier is in the same family as zepina)

Robert Fairchild, March 13 2016, 2:15 PM

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Topic: Haiti - Liann Panye (Liane Panier)

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Liane Panier in English: Basket withe scientific name : Chamissoa altissima (Jacq.) Kunth synonym : = Achyranthes altissima Jacq. synonym 2 : ... read more >
Robert Fairchild, 13-Mar-16 2:15 pm
Liane Panier or Lyann Panye in English, it's "false chaff flower" read more >
Jan, 9-Aug-18 5:48 pm
What is the scientific name for Liane Panier? Please text the answer to 954 261 5593. Thanks read more >
Paul Louis-emile, 19-Mar-19 12:24 pm
Liann Panye, in English, we call it Basket Vine read more >
Yrenia Sala, 31-Mar-19 10:39 am
Liane Panier scientific name: Chamissoa altissima See the post by Robert Fairchild read more >
Woody, 4-Dec-19 12:59 pm
Chamissoa altissima is the scientific name I find on internet for lyann panye, but when you look at the photos, it isn't lyann panye. Also... read more >
Mark Hare, 23-May-23 9:26 pm


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