sad at haiti with goverment.....

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bumba clat haiti goverment need to change the whole cabinet of your system..create jobs.stop crimes.kidnapping.rape and murder of people and tourists..built schools get rid of cant read and should not have to take care of family back know how hard we have to work..why is haiti the way it is?

why have haiti not improve..because of the beleive in voodoo..witchcraft..god do not come to haiti..:(.how sad such a beautiful island in 2006 still back ways in everything..what is prevall doing other than fucking traveling here and everywhere..this country is not moving..duppy is holding y'all down everyday...stop beating drums..chanting..carrying is not doing anything for haiti...stop the blood shed..what is the goverment doing for HAITI

Praying For Haiti, September 6 2006, 2:18 PM

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