A la tayo wo! A la tayo graté wo! A aaaaaa papa chèz...

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A la tayo wo ! A la tayo graté wo !

A aaaaaa papa chèz sa a graté anpil wi !

Patrick Princivil, October 6 2015, 5:36 PM

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Topic: PHOTO: Haiti - US Secretary of State KERRY in a Meeting with President Martelly, PM Paul et al.

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A la tayo wo! A la tayo grate wo! A aaaaaa papa chez sa a grate anpil wi! read more >
Patrick Princivil, 6-Oct-15 5:36 pm
Kerry vini di pou yo mete dlo nan divin yo, paske rigwaze la kroke nan tet porte la read more >
Bwa San Fey, 6-Oct-15 7:57 pm
To my opinion, Mr. Kerry the US secretary of State was visiting Haiti to give instructions for the coming selection and to mame the replacement of... read more >
Pierre Toussaint, 10-Oct-15 10:53 pm


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