Proposal to expand Dominican export markets Source...

Ricart - September 21 2015, 2:16 PM

Proposal to expand Dominican export markets


The president of the Round Table of Commonwealth Countries in Dominican Republic, Fernando Gonzalez Nicolas, proposed concentrating private and official efforts to identify new markets for Dominican exports.

He said the current situation with Haiti should motivate everyone in a decisive way to find new markets.

He added that it is not convenient to Dominican Republic's national interest to have such a high concentration in the Haitian market.

Nicholas Gonzalez noted that countries with a healthy international trade do not concentrate their exports and imports.

In the case of Dominican Republic, it concentrates 85% of exports in only two countries.

According to the businessman, when we face problems such as the one with Haiti, this significantly affects the national productive sectors.

He cited Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, among others, who focus only up to 15% of their total trade with a particular country.

He recommended to organize more trade missions to promote exports, to hold more international fairs in Santo Domingo, and to participate in more international exhibitions.

He stressed that the 53 Commonwealth countries in the world are potential markets for Dominican exports.

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