My Saint Preux, I hope that one day I shke you hand. You have...

Garry Destin - December 9 2005, 11:18 PM

My Saint Preux,
I hope that one day I shke you hand. You have placed us all around the election table.

This is first time thousands of haitian have participated in their country most important affair.

All this can be done because of you. I myself enjoy it.
Although i was a bit fed up with the whole hate between dark and light skin haitian but after a comment i made, they seemed to have gotten it together.

Man keep going my great man.
God be with you.
Talking about teaching, I want to open a sewing school.

i will to teach people mostly Haitian how to apreciate sewing and it's technics: Shoes, handbags, men and women's wear, upholstery and canvas making.

I just want to save enough money to buy the machines and renting a premises.

Garry Destin

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