Situations à éviter à tous prix... Pas bon pour...

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Situations à éviter à tous prix ...

Pas bon pour l'image du pays

Toto Sanpwel, August 1 2015, 1:39 PM

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Topic: FLASH: Haiti - CUSTOMS building burned down in Terrier Rouge, Customs Vehicle set on Fire, 1 Dead

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Situations a eviter a tous prix..... Pas bon pour l'image du pays read more >
Toto Sanpwel, 1-Aug-15 1:39 pm
In the name of democracy. They have no choice but to let burn down the country then blame it on the Whiteman read more >
Garry, 2-Aug-15 6:39 pm
When you kill the citizens, you don't deserve to patrol them. But they should be burning down the home of foreigners. read more >
Sally, 8-Aug-15 10:02 pm


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